Frequently Asked Questions

It's very simple. Just copy the link from hundreds of stories on the website and share those links on facebook, twitter or anywhere on the internet. You send visitors to those stories and make money. Have we forgot to mention that you can also make money by creating and sharing your own create story.
We make payments via Paypal on the first day of every month.
We do not disclose our rates per click because it depends on lot of factors and keeps changing based on visitors count, country, pageviews, traffic quality and more.
Yes, you can. You can create as many stories as you want. After that you can copy the sharable links of your stories from My Stories page. You can share those links anywhere on the internet and start making money just like other articles from the website.
You can share your links literally anywhere on the internet. We count each and every visitor you send to those stories. You can share it on facebook, twitter, tumblr or even on your own website or blogs.
No. Create story feature allows users to create stories and host them on our website. You can only make money by sharing links and sending visitors to your articles. Having said that we might allow users to earn money from stories they created in the future.
It depends on advertising revenue you generate on links you have shared. Our top publishers are making $1000 to $3000 per day.
You can change your payment settings from here.