20 Signs That You're A Cat Person

You Hang Out In The Shadows

People complain that you’re creepy when you jump out at them from the dark, but that’s just because they don’t understand. From your dark vantage point, you can see everything that’s going on and you like to collect secrets to use for later.

You Change Your Opinion. A Lot.

One day, you can’t get enough of cheese and dairy products, and the next, you’re lactose intolerant. Keeping up with your ever-changing tastes is a full time job for the people around you but you know that it’s just because you deserve the best.

You Hate Everyone

The prospect of going to a party fills you with complete despair and you secretly rejoice when your friends cancel plans you had arranged. Being sociable is like going through the motions for you and if you had it your way, the only relationship you would have would be with your bed.

You’re Needy Half Of The Time…

Some days you wake up and you are filled with longing for other people. Throughout the day, you nuzzle up to as many people as you possibly can, giving out affection like it’s going out of fashion.