20 Ways You're Really, Really Old

Will Smith Is Now Older Than Uncle Phil In The Fresh Prince

Millennials everywhere can break into the Fresh Prince rap without even breaking a sweat, but most of them probably don’t even realize that Will Smith is now older than Uncle Phil was in the show. Your retirement is practically within sight.

Sonic Turned 24 Years Old This Year

The preferred cartoon animal of 90’s kids everywhere, Sonic The Hedgehog is now facing the rocky years of his mid twenties. The fact that he’s just as fast as ever is more than a little depressing for the rest of us.

Bart Simpson Is Actually 36

That’s right; if the The Simpsons character aged like a real person, he would now be a whopping 36 years old. Thank goodness for cartoons and their denial of reality.

The Teenage Cast Of The OC Are In Their 30’s

Marissa, Summer, Ryan and Seth were the hottest and most popular teen cast on television at the time and most of us could think of nothing better than being one of them. Now, the teenagers are well into their 30’s, starting families of their own, something that most of us don’t even dare to think about.