20 Silly Looking Creatures Waiting To Crash Your Summer Vacation

Blue Dragon

The Glaucus atlanticus is a bright and colorful creature that looks friendly, except for the fact that it is a venomous sea slug.


The Pacu is a fish that is related to the piranha, and was given the exact same set of teeth as a human being. This is very unsettling, but at least the reports that this fish was eating human testicles proved to be a hoax.


With more venomous spikes that one can count, getting attacked by a lionfish just may evoke as much fear as getting attacked by a lion.


Parrotfish don’t posses a stomach, they feed off of algae on coral. They grind the coral up, while their bodies retrieve the nutrients from the algae. Once they’ve finished their mouthful, the ground up coral will be released as sand.