20 Of The Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

It’s always expected that Hollywood will demand a nip here and a tuck there to keep their stars looking as close to perfect as humanly possible. But what happens when a star gets a little too addicted to finding that perfection? A botched plastic surgery procedure can and has left stars looking older, like completely different people, or even like another species. From Botox to lipo to lip injections to butt implants, there is no shortage of ways to enhance oneself these days. Here are 20 of the worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters out there.

Amanda Lepore

This transgender model and recording artist went from bombshell to literal war zone. After at least three breast augmentations, butt implants, and numerous face lifts, Lepore is left looking like a mannequin.

Heidi Montag

This reality television star admitted to having 10 plastic surgery procedures done on her all at once, transforming her into a completely different person. From a chin reduction to a brow lift to a breast augmentation, it’s clear that Montag wasn’t pleased with herself in any way pre-surgery.

Mickey Rourke

This actor got a facelift that left him looking older than he did before, with his face pulled back just a little too tight.

Donatella Versace

This fashion designer went from glamorous beauty to a literal terror. Versace is living proof that more surgery certainly equals more problems.

Source: lolwot.com