20 Weird Sharks You Had No Idea Existed

Australian Ghost Shark

The Australian Ghost Shark is one of the smaller members of the family and lives in relatively shallow waters. Living exclusively within the Australian waters, the shark is silvery in colour and when it flashes by, you’ll think that you’ve seen a ghost.



As if a mouth full of never-ending teeth wasn’t enough, there is a species of shark born with a little something extra. The Sawshark has a long saw-like snout covered with teeth which they can use to slash and attack their victims. Think of it like going around with a pair of scissors stuck to your face. Scary.

Megamouth Shark


If you’re worried about peering down the throat of a Megamouth, don’t. This deep water shark is extremely rare and has been spotted by only a few people since the 1970’s. It swims with its enormous mouth wide open in order to pick up as many plankton and jellyfish as it can take.

Thresher Shark

You shouldn’t just be worried about a shark’s teeth; if you get up close and personal with a Thresher shark, keep your eye behind you. Born with an extended tail fin, the Thresher shark uses it as a whip, stunning its prey into submission. Tails can often grow as long as the shark itself so if you find yourself in Thresher water, mind your distance.