10 Kind Acts from The Unlikeliest Of Heroes

FARC Helping To Clear the Mines They Planted

Columbia has been in a civil war since 1964. The most infamous of the groups in the fight have been the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC). Now former FARC members are helping to clear Columbia of landmines, many of which they had helped to plant. The movement has had such momentum that even current members of FARC have joined the cause of making Columbia safer for its citizens.

Soldiers Held In Shame

Ten years prior to Japan’s invasion of China, China was in the midst of a civil war. When Japan invaded, the warring groups united against their enemy, only to start fighting again once the threat was gone.

One side of this civil war, the KMT, are now considered a source of shame by their government. Despite their history of defending China from Japan, they are robbed of pensions and recognition. Some of them live with the wrongfully applied label of “war criminal”. This seems to be a case of good guys being placed on the wrong side of history by biased history books.