13 Ways To Reduce Food Waste


You don’t have to have a vegetable garden to benefit from compost – it can be used on any and all plants, so don’t waste good fertiliser! Keep a small compost bin in the kitchen next to your regular bins so you don’t have to take extra effort to separate compost items out when cooking and cleaning. It’s a habit you’ll get into, to give yourself time to adjust to having an extra bin. Remember the rules of composting: only unprocessed fruit and vegetables, tea leaves, bread, and even some clean paper can go in. If you don’t have any plants that would benefit from composting, a small worm farm can substitute.

Never Buy Croutons Again

Keep bread in the freezer to stop mould growing, but even in a freezer bread can have a short shelf life. Any stale bread can be transformed into yummy crunchy croutons by giving them a quick fry with olive oil.