10 Of The World's Best Impostors

William Melchert Dinkel

William Melchert Dinkel is an Englishman who posed as Li Dao, a young female nurse. Dinkel often goes to online chat rooms and he had suicide pacts to different individuals. The victims mostly teenagers made suicide pacts with Li and they showed the nurse their final moments but the victims did not know that Li is in fact a man who had disturbed history. Through the internet, Dinkel had watched several victims die.

Dinkel was arrested when two detectives had found his real identity. He was sentenced to three years for encouraging his victims to have a suicide however, the sentenced was later reduced to 178 days.

Jayceon Taylor (The Game)

Jayceon Taylor is also known as The Game, a Grammy award winner. Back in November 2006, he just finished his appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. After the filming, he and his two companions had hailed a cab.

Taylor got impatient with the cabbie and he told the cab driver that he was an undercover agent and he had flashed something that looks like a badge. He even ordered the driver to go even in the red traffic light.

However, a real officer had pulled over the cabbie and Taylor was arrested for imposing as an authority.