The Top 10 Overlooked Hollywood Scandals

Shooting Of Courtland Dines

Courtland Dines was an oil broker from the early 1900’s. Actress Mabel Normand was believed to have been romantically involved with Dines, which may have lead to his untimely death. The story goes that Dines, Normand, another actress named Edna Purviance, and Normand’s driver all got into an altercation that resulted in Dines getting shot. The details from the story are hazy, but it was believed that Dines was shot by Normand, who claimed that she blacked out during the fight and doesn’t remember anything. No one was charged, and the case was trashed after Normand died of tuberculosis.

Cliff Robertson Blackballed

Cliff Robertson was extremely popular during the 60’s and 70’s. The talented actor has played many roles over the years, but his most recognizable performance was in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films. Most people don’t know that before the actor played the role of Uncle Ben, he was blacklisted in the film industry. Robertson was notified by the IRS that he had not declared a payment of $10,000, but the actor had never received the money in the first place. It turns out that movie mogul David Begelman was forging signatures and collecting checks. It turns out that it wasn’t the first time Begelman pulled this move, and unfortunately Robertson paid the price for discovering it. Hollywood wouldn’t hire the actor after the scandal went public. Everything died down once Begelman committed suicide.