Darth Vader Helped This Wife Tell Her Husband She's Pregnant

People have found some pretty interesting ways to announce their pregnancy. From an eviction notice on a crib, to a very special announcement after five years of infertility, we've seen some of the most heart tugging surprises in 2015. With Star Wars already crawling it's way into every aspect of our lives, it was only a matter of time until the galaxy's best father, Darth Vader, helped announce a pregnancy.

Bryan Starr recently uploaded an adorable reveal that his wife planned while they were visiting Disneyland. She found out that she was pregnant while the two were on a trip to the park.

She writes: "The timing was seriously perfect. We were headed to Hollywood Studios the next morning, and he’s a huge Star Wars fan, so I knew characters from these amazing films had to be involved with the announcement."

She managed to fake feeling sick and head to the Jedi Training Academy where she learned that it was the last day the Star Wars characters would be there while the park was expanded. The characters agreed to take time out of their lunch to make the dream come true. 

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"No, YOU are the father."

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