Baby Takes First Steps, But Bursts Out Laughing When He Hears His 'squeaky' Shoes

Babies are awesome – I think we can all agree on this. Not only are they tiny and cute, they also are innocent and naive. They can experience many of the firsts that we adults would love to experience again. Although we can’t experience a first again ourselves, watching a baby go through it is the next best thing.

Take the video below as a great example. A mother captures her little baby taking his very first steps. He’s wearing a pair of shoes and finally walking, much to the delight of the entire family. But when he takes a step, he hears something very unusual… and he can’t stop giggling about it. With each step he takes, his shoes squeak a little bit, and then the baby boy bursts out laughing. In fact, his laughter is so contagious that I can’t help but laugh along!

For all you parents out there, I am sure you can relate to the Mom in this video.

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[Source: America’s Funniest Home Videos]