Cats Posing As Pin-Up Girls Is The Best Thing To Happen In 2017 So Far

The pin-up girl is one of the few references left from a era that still resonates with the masses, but they don't captivate the American public as they once did. 

Rather than becoming another obscure historical reference, creative designer and marketer Rachael Aslett brought them back in a campaign for Hurly-Burly,  a brand new pin-up clothing store, when she was tasked with generating brand awareness with the conservative budget of precisely zero dollars and zero cents.

Her solution? Matching pin-up models with cats that held the same poses and placing them all on a single Tumblr blog under the title Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls. No surprise that it became an internet sensation then. 



The blog was started years ago but is kept alive and well today with regular updates and has only gotten better with time.


There were questions on how she was able to capture them in the precise poses floating around


And though she had clarified that these were all pictures she found on Google, she handed out a few fun responses to the question.

The photos spread all over the internet and are regularly found under the hashtag #catsthatlooklikepinupgirls.









What a time to be alive.