Husband Is Suddenly Struck By Lightning, Then Wife Sees Hole In His Hat

One day in 2015, Jerry Leenheer was trimming trees on his property in Colorado. He was out with his dog Josie, when suddenly they were both hit by lightning.

The 71-year-old’s wife of over four decades, Cora Jean, quickly ran to him. Instantly she was certain that her husband was dead.

“He was right here lying on this rock,” Cora tells Inside Edition in the video below. “And the dog was here with her feet right here, just as peaceful and quiet as you could imagine.”

Cora began to administer CPR and prayed that her husband would come back to life.

“I just started pushing on his chest and started praying that the lord would bring him back and tell him, ‘Jerry come back, Jerry come back. I’m not going to let you go,’” she says.

The lightning shock was so strong it broke a hole completely through the top of his hat and shredded his clothing. But Cora’s quick actions saved Jerry’s life.

“He started breathing,” she says. “He rolled over on his side and then he sat up and I just said, ‘Oh God, thank you! He’s back.’”

Meteorologist Sam Champion says the only safe thing to do to avoid lightning is to take shelter in a sturdy building.

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