Dad Dies Suddenly. Mom Goes Off The Rails With Drinking And Promiscuity, Causing Kids To Intervene

Alyssa’s husband Nick was her best friend and biggest supporter throughout their 20 years of marriage. So when he died suddenly after falling off a golf cart and cracking his head open, she was immediately changed forever.

She had to grieve the loss of this huge part of her life, but she didn’t know how.

Even though she has kids, she lost control. She started drinking, partying, and acting promiscuously in every situation, without regard for anyone but herself.

After countless efforts to help her, her family went to Dr. Phil. When she and her 11-year-old son are picked up by his staff in the video below, she immediately drinks alcohol and tries to massage and kiss the driver.

Then she tackles his male staff when they’re preparing for the show, what she calls “wrestling,” despite everyone’s pleas for her to stop.

The footage might be jarring. But it’s important.

Important because she needs help, because she is actually getting help, and because there are others out there who need the same kind of help.

Many people know what grieving is, but what people don’t know is that it’s different for every single individual. Some people don’t know how to cope, some people hide their heartbreak, and some people lash out in ways we’d never expect.

But, clearly, death leads to more than heartbreak. And in order to help our loved ones through the grieving process, we need to keep an open and compassionate mind.

This woman needs medical attention and hopefully she’ll accept it from Dr. Phil.

Her family isn’t giving up on her, and that says a lot. Although Alyssa thinks it will take 20 years to get over the loss of her partner of 20 years, the experience of seeing herself on video acting the way she does, and hurting her family, might be just what she needs to give in to a rehab facility or therapy.

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