Someone Is Pranking A Minnesota Town By Freezing Pants In Strange Places

Winter in Minneapolis, Minnesota is long, cold, and bitter. So it's unsurprising that some locals have been known to get miserable from time to time. But to try and keep spirits high, one prankster has been soaking pants in water and placing them around town since the Polar Vortex of 2013. 

In the years since, Tom Grotting has become a legend among his miserably cold friends.

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“I mostly do it for my neighbor, Diane,” Grotting told ABC News. “The winter gets a little long and she doesn’t like winter very much so it’s mostly entertainment for Diane.”


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To get the pants frozen stiff, Grotting soaks them in a bucket of water and then hangs them outside, sculpting them as they freeze. 

Past locations have ranged from outside the neighborhood coffee shop to next to parking meters near his company.


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He says that the pants are usually salvageable after the pranks,  but that he used them so much this year they got ratty. 


Recently, the prank has gone viral and people all over Northeast Minneapolis are freezing their pants, Grotting told ABC News.


“The kids hate it,” Grotting said. “My daughter is in the band and had a big rehearsal with the trumpet players and she texted me and said, ‘Dad, the trumpets saw the pants.’”



Some heroes don't wear capes. It almost makes it worth freezing your butt off. 

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