Homeless Man Sleeps With Daughter In Broken Down Car. Then Cops Pay For The All The Repairs

Imagine if you’re a single parent and you have a young daughter to take care of. Now imagine how hopeless you must feel if on top of you being a single parent, you’re homeless. You probably would feel like all hope was lost right? Well that’s exactly what James and his 10 year old daughter were going through, until some unexpected heroes decided to help them out.

Although homeless, James has in his possession a car that he uses to commute to work every day. Unfortunately, that car recently broke down, we caused James to miss work and eventually lose his job — the only thing keeping him and his daughter from poverty.

Well one day, James noticed that there were police officers surrounding his car. Thinking that he was about to get in trouble, James immediately came up to the officers and exclaimed he was doing nothing wrong. He definitely didn’t expect what the police officers said next.

The officers said, “We’re trying to help you.” In act of kindness, the officers paid for a tow truck to pick up his car and move it to an auto shop for repairs, all for free.

The officers told USA Today,

“At any point in time in our lives, anyone of us could be in that same situation. Offering assistance to a fellow human being is the right thing to do.”

Every day we hear about some of the terrible things police officers do. We hope with this story you notice that there are plenty of police officers out there going above and beyond to serve their communities.

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[Source: USA TODAY]

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