Cop Shares Note He Was Given On His Food Receipt, People Instantly Boycott Popular Chain

This past week, a Sheriff’s deputy In Guadalupe County, Texas rolled through a drive through to pick up some lunch while on duty, and while the sandwich was pretty good, the note he found on his receipt was totally wrong.

After posting a picture of the simple, profanity laced note to social media, the manager of the restaurant stepped up and has made things right, and the Sheriff has welcomed the apology. You are going to love this story of reconciliation at the holidays.

A Schlotzsky’s franchise in Seguin, Texas found itself in hot water earlier this week when a Guadalupe County sheriff’s deputy received a profanity laced message on his lunch receipt.

The deputy shared it on social media, and it was quickly picked up by a Facebook page called Texas Sheriff’s Deputies, unaffiliated with any law enforcement agency.

Their version of the post, with caption, reads as follows:

“Today, a Texas Deputy was in uniform at the time, ordered lunch through the drivethru at Schlotzsky’s (Seguin, TX), looked down at his receipt, and saw this lovely memo on it. He called the store and found out it was the cashier that did it! Im disgusted and disappointed.
I would like to believe this was just one idiot’s actions and not something corporate would approve of. I sure hope schlotzsky’s will take proper action for this employee’s behavior.
Law enforcement or regular citizen, young or old, man or woman, this is disrespectful to ANYONE.
Friends, feel free to share!

As you might have expected, reactionary comments soon piled as high as people called for a boycott of the restaurant, followed by calls for boycotts of all Schlotzsky restaurants everywhere, to the hunting down and tarring and feathering of the offending restaurant staff and management.

However, once the manager of the establishment in question was made aware of the incident, they investigated quickly and made amends satisfactorily to the Guadalupe Sheriff’s department.

Discussing the whole affair, Sheriff Arnold Zwicke says “When he received his receipt there was some obscenity on there. This morning I met with the owner of our local Schlotzsky’s here in Seguin, along with the corporate manager that came down to investigate. We talked for a while and it was supposed to be an inside joke between two employees, not realizing it went on the ticket to the deputy. This was not an attack on law enforcement. The owner is pro-police, has been. He’s a police volunteer for another agency.”

Zwicke says the company was immediately apologetic, and that this is a demonstration of how things can get blown out of all sense of proportion in the social media sphere.

Zwicke said as far as he is concerned the situation has been properly addressed and resolved. He also considers Schlotzsky’s a long-time partner in community service and he is sure they will continue to be involved in activities to support law enforcement, as they have in the past.

“It’s just an unfortunate thing that happened. Kids being kids and here we are today,” Zwicke said.

Further, the employee in question has been terminated, and has issued a personal apology to the officer.

Schlotzsky’s issued the following statement regarding the affair:

“The franchise owner of this independently owned and operated location has reached out to the officer directly to apologize and let him know that he is taking this seriously, that they respect and value police officers and all first responders, and that he has taken appropriate action.”

Even better, the restaurant did make restitution as well: “They brought a bunch of sandwiches and drinks over for lunch today.”

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