Two Dancers Pose Onstage, Paralyze Crowd With A Breathtaking 'spirit Dance'

In the video below, you will see two women stand on stage. At first, it will seem like they are about to perform a dance routine, but be warned, this isn’t your typical dance routine. These incredibly talented and amazing dancers are about to dazzle you with their performance to the song “Spirit Break Out.”

As the song begins to play, the two young ladies open with dark lighting. Soon after, a little light begins to shine on them. As they begin to move and dance, more and more lights begin to follow them. It almost feels like the light moves and flows with their movements and actions. By the end of the performance, you will feel as if the women can control the lights! It’s not something you see every day.

Kim Walker-Smith is the singer and songwriter of the song. She was raised in Oregon, and she first stepped on a stage when she was three-years-old. She wants to use her music to connect and inspire people with her messages. If she were to see this performance by the two dancers, I am sure she would appreciate it!

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[Source: Gabryel Lorena]