Students Hear Noises Behind Locked Door In Basement, Then Realize There’s A Man Behind It

Finding a place to live gets a little tricky in college. We don’t hold the quality and the cleanliness of the space to the same high standards as we would if we were trying to find a permanent home. More often than not, you have roommates you need to interact with and hopefully get along with. But one man found a way around that — unbeknownst to the 14 students who were living in the same house.

Mark Harman and Brett Mugglin are two Ohio State University students who lived in the house. They used to tell people that a ghost haunted the house: the residents would hear strange sounds like clicks and alarms, and the cupboards and the oven would be left open. One day, they ventured down to the basement and discovered a locked door… But when the door was opened, what they found inside made all their jaws drop!

Behind the door was a room, and inside the room was a person’s belongings. There was a mattress, food, clothes — and pictures of the mystery roommate with friends and family.

A student name Jeremy was the tenant that none of the other 14 people living in the house knew about. He was evicted by the landlord.

Although having a mystery roommate isn’t the ideal — or safest — situation, no one claims to have any of their belongings or food stolen. It seems like Jeremy kept to himself, in the hidden room in the basement. While this story seems to have a happy outcome, it should also serve as a reminder to check rental properties carefully before signing onto them, and to check that all doors and windows are locked when you leave the house. You can never be too safe!

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