She Transforms Her Entire Kitchen By Removing The Ugly Cabinets And ‘Redoing’ Them For $80

Ashley runs an awesome home/DIY blog, “Ashley’s Green Life.” In 2014, she decided to transform her outdated kitchen cabinets… all for under $100!

For a long time, Ashley’s biggest “house peeve” were her golden-oak kitchen cabinets that felt more 1994 than 2014. But as you probably know, installing brand new cabinets can be very pricey, and Ashley was on a budget.

She took to Pinterest for some inspiration, and that’s when she discovered Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations, which allow you to refinish your kitchen cabinets in the stain of your choice, all for about 80 bucks.

Ashley says the project is time consuming, but easy to accomplish and more than worth it. With three weeks left of summer vacation, she went for it.

“The Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations Kit is a 4-part kit that allows you “transform” your current kitchen cabinets into they style/finish of your choosing,” she writes on her blog. “For me that meant going from my golden oak color to a dark espresso finish.”

Watch the video below to see how this awesome DIY-er gave her kitchen the makeover it needed, and please SHARE this home project with your friends on Facebook!

Video Credit: Ashley’s Green Life / YouTube / Instagram