12 Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Apartment A Masterpiece Of Design

Finding the right décor and design for your apartment can be a difficult process. Just one little feature can end up setting the tone of the whole endeavour. Fortunately, there are a number of little tricks which can help turn the whole thing into a masterpiece of design - and they'll hardly cost you a cent.


Decorate the television with a picture frame


Lay down some handmade rugs or mats


Design your own fireplace


Make use of pipes and tubes left over from repair work


Be creative with wooden pallets


Make a picture from old things you have lying around


Fairy lights are always a good idea


Mix things up with a wide striped pattern on the floor or walls


Try making your own lampshade or chandelier


Use mirrored surfaces to give the impression of space


Reimagine old furniture with a new decorative design and colour


Add some simple decoration to the ceilings


Source: brightside.me