Blind Man Straps Camera To Service Dog. That's When Camera Catches Strangers' Horrible Acts

We are surrounded by many awful and disrespectful acts in this world. One of the only things that makes it better is justice. That is what former doctor, Amit Patel, was searching for when he used his dog to capture the unimaginable.

Patel is a 37-year-old, former doctor who started to lose his sight three years ago. He decided to undergo a cornea transplant in order to correct his blurry vision, which resulted in losing his sight altogether.

He had been diagnosed in his last year of medical school with a condition called keratoconus, which changes the shape of the cornea, keeping it from functioning normally. He decided to go through six different cornea transplants.

Rather than fixing his problem, they ended up taking away a significant amount of sight. According to Patel, “I’ve lost the sight completely in my right eye and my left has nearly gone.” The former doctor served as a locum at hospitals around England and was forced to give it all up.

Since then, Patel has gone through life with a new companion: an adorable sight dog named Kika. Adjusting to life without sight wasn’t easy, but what made it even more difficult was the daily abuse Patel and Kika faced.

According to Patel, who takes the train every single day to get around the city, pedestrians will push and even hit Kika with umbrellas to get her out of the way for them to pass.

This is especially true when the two are trying to get down the escalator in the station. In fact, Kika is one of only 5 percent of dogs that are trained to guide someone down an escalator.

They have also faced abuse when it comes to merely walking around town. Between inconsiderate comments and actions of others, Patel had simply had enough.

“Kika always sits to my left hand side so we often block the escalator and people will hit her with bags and umbrellas to get her to move out of the way. The worst part is the tutting and negative comments behind me,” Patel shared.

“People are so rude and arrogant and assume they can do whatever they want. One lady even said I should apologize to the people behind her for holding them up. I asked her if I should apologize for being blind and she said, ‘yes’,” Patel concluded.

It was comments like this, and encounters including Kika having to take a blow from a taxi, that pushed Patel to exposing the issue. One day, he decided to strap a small GoPro camera to Kika’s harness.

What the video showed was unbelievable. Anyone who is able to treat someone like this, blind or not, must have true hate in their hearts.

“Sometimes I wonder who is the blind person when there are people glued to their mobile phones.It really scares Kika sometimes, I can feel how upset she gets and when I get upset she senses it and she won’t go on the escalators for a few days,” Patel shared.

What Patel did with this video was open the eyes of the public. If you see someone with a guide dog, it’s important to be considerate and patient.

Getting to your destination a little faster is not worth the hurt you can cause someone. Patel has raised awareness using this video and his volunteer work at RNIB which helps people adjusting to life without sight use a guide dog to get around the city.