Nervous Woman Gets Long, Blonde Hair Cut For First Time In 20 Years, Looks Totally Unrecognizable

We all need to treat ourselves to some pampering every once in a while. In our everyday grind, we don’t even realize how overworked we become due to other priorities on the brain. Before we know it, the weekend rolls around, and there is another list of responsibilities to get to that we don’t have on weekdays.

The real question to ask ourselves is this: Does the madness ever stop?! If the answer is absolutely not, then here’s a solution you’ve been looking for: We have to make it happen for ourselves.

No one is going to go out of their way to better our own well-being — at least, not people who are unaware that we need some serious TLC in the first place. Take this woman, for example, who put herself out there on TODAY, admitting to the camera that she had taken poor care of herself. That all changed once they got to her!

On May 11, 2015, we met Diane Drago — a woman with long blonde hair falling yards in front of her face. Diane’s friend helped convince her to go on Rachael Ray and get herself the cut she hadn’t had in two decades — just in time for her 50th birthday.

So Diane was left in good hands with the makeover team on the show. They worked on her new look, hidden from the entire audience, including her friend.

Not having seen herself yet, Diane walked out onto the stage with an entirely new hairdo that completely floored the audience — including her friend, who looked like she couldn’t believe her eyes!

Diane’s reaction to her new look is enough proof of the ultimate transformation — see for yourself by watching the video below!

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