This Airbnb Guest Won't Stop Asking For Lotion And It's As Creepy As You'd Expect

The world's full of creeps. I'm thoroughly convinced that if something exists then there's been at least one person on this planet that has masturbated to it. Yes, that includes Dunkin Donut Coffee cups.

But at least that's not that creepy because it involves an inanimate object. Sure, sexually assaulting a Styrofoam cup is strange and I would probably think twice about associating with someone who does that, but at the end of the day, it's a victimless crime.

However, creepily harassing an individual through the dispossessed medium of text is disturbing phenomenon that is all too common. Shamelessly, people will take advantage of any social interaction to make a pervy request of an individual.

But to try your special band of scumbaggery on your Airbnb host? This has to be a new low.



Reddit user PictureIt-Sicily uploaded screenshots of the weird requests from their guest and asked them to send messages to her via Airbnb's messaging service and not their private phone number.

But the guest didn't take heed of her advice and kept asking if they could use the baby oil or lotion in the house.



And that's when they dropped the creep-bomb on their host and asked if it would be "OK" if they used their picture.



Out of all the comments on the host's disturbing post, this user probably made the most relevant one.

"Why do people do this.." 


Why indeed. Why indeed.