Dad At Dealership When They Make Announcement About Woman In Bathroom. That's When He KNOWS

Pennsylvania couple Adam and Amanda Sherman were expecting their second baby to arrive soon. They never realized how quickly this baby would make her entrance into the world, especially in the most unexpected place!

The Shermans took their truck to the local car dealership, #1 Cochran, to have some maintenance work done. When they arrived, Amanda quickly rushed to the restroom.

“As soon as we arrived, I ran into the bathroom,” Amanda stated. “I’m getting ready to come out when I decided something wasn’t right, so I sat back down and that’s when I discovered that I was having the baby, so I delivered her myself.”

Adam and their toddler, AJ, were waiting for the car to be serviced and didn’t know what was happening. Amanda reached for her phone, trying to stay calm, and started texting Adam to let him know she was in labor.

But before she could even finish the text, baby Heather was born. Her text read, “I’m having call no I just had it.”

Adam was trying to figure out what the text meant, “By the time I figured out what she was trying to send me in the text message, somebody came running in to service area and was like, ‘Somebody’s wife just delivered a baby in the bathroom,'” he recalled.

Adam was quick to help his wife and new baby. He handed AJ to one of the managers and went to his wife, “I just looked down at my boot,” he said, “and grabbed the shoelace right off my boot and tied the umbilical cord.”

Wow, this couple didn’t panic under pressure! Amanda kept it together while delivering the baby all by herself, and Adam ran in to keep mom and baby safe until help arrived.

The dealership employees called 911 and the ambulance arrived to safely take the mom and newborn to the hospital. Mom and baby are doing well, and the family is grateful for all the employees at the dealership.

The #1 Cochran dealership posted a blog on their website about this special delivery, “We’re all about delivering great service here at #1 Cochran. But 48 hours into the new year, a delivery much cuter than any car left our showroom: a baby.”

The dealership said this was not the first time a baby was delivered at the dealership. Another women gave birth to a baby at the shop 20 years ago. What? How crazy is that!