19 Suckers You're Glad You're Not

This, simply put, is a list of pictures featuring people caught in precarious situations no one in their right mind would want to find themselves in — hence the "suckers you're glad you're not" theme. From unpleasant run-ins with animals to painful sports bloopers, this list comes with enough firepower to have you in stitches. Enjoy!

1. Ouch

2. So much for that second date

3. He helped make him, so it's almost like this dude puked on himself

4. Oh my, how the tables have turned

5. When your awesome bird selfie goes horribly wrong

6. Oh no, not the ice cream

7. This guy's playing it pretty cool for someone who has an arrow stuck in his chest

8. There's no better place to find people you wouldn't want to be than the ER wing of a hospital

9. He just had to go in there for his golf ball 

10. You think buddy in the Adidas was kind enough to kick it back to him?

11. The picture says it all

12. Little did she know her day was about to be ruined

13. This is embarrassing

14. Neutered

15. I don't think the camel took too kindly to getting petted

16. It's cool, people, her face broke the fall

17. Kids these days...

18. This is what rock bottom looks like, folks

19. Shamed!

Main Image via reddit / COOLSerdash

Source: diply.net