Neighbors Suspect Woman’s Husband Beats Her, But She Says Her C-Section Caused It

A British woman who constantly looks like she has just been attacked has a story that’s stranger than fiction.

Adele Uden, a young mom from Nottingham in the U.K., is proof that you can never judge a book by its cover.

After Uden started showing up with dramatic blue and purple bruises across her face, friends and neighbors grew concerned that her fiancé was abusing her.

Much like the well-meaning neighbors who called the police over a pair of “neglected kids” playing alone outside, this is an example of when appearances can be very deceiving.

In Uden’s case, she constantly looked freshly bruised, as if she had recently been hit. It’s not too surprising that people around her jumped to the wrong conclusion.

But Uden insists that her fiancé Chris North has nothing to do with markings, and instead offers a surprising explanation: she says the bruises are a side-effect from a C-section she had seven years ago when her son was born.

She believes something went wrong during the surgery, and it left her with a mystery condition that causes the bruises. Additionally, it has almost cost her her life six times.

Photo Credit: Flickr / Doug Floyd


Adele Uden spends every day facing suspicion and gossip from her friends and neighbors due to her unusual bruises.

Uden, 26, has dramatic purple-blue marks that spread across her face, especially around her eyes.

People whisper that the black eyes are the result of being hit, and suspect that Uden’s fiancé, Chris North, abuses her.


In fact, nothing could be further from the truth: Uden suffers from a mysterious bleeding disorder that doctors have been unable to explain.

Still, people talk, and Uden tells Daily Mail: “People have even been saying that Chris had been physically attacking me. It’s unbelievably hurtful and I can see people nudging each other in public and overhear them talking about me. But if anybody knew Chris, they would see he is the most laid-back, kindest and calm person you could meet. It’s ludicrous, really.”

In fact, North quit his job as a chef to take care of Uden, who is his childhood sweetheart, and who has been in poor health ever since the bruises started appearing.


She first started experiencing symptoms more than five years ago, about 18 months after she gave birth to her first child, a little boy named Zak.

The birth was complicated, and she ended up needing an emergency C-section that left behind agonizing scar tissue requiring more surgery.

Eventually, doctors discovered that she also has polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis, adding to the complications.


The bruises began to appear when her son Zak was still very small. Uden believes they were triggered by the emergency surgery.

They come and go randomly, and reappear in different patterns across her face.

Mercifully, they don’t hurt to the touch the way regular bruises do, but Uden is still baffled about what causes the bluish blotches to appear on her skin.


Most distressing of all, the problem seems to be getting worse, and comes with a whole host of worrying symptoms.

Uden says that the bruises across her face are now so severe that they no longer fade and that “they are always there, and I constantly look like I’ve been beaten.”

Even more devastating than the bruising is what’s going on inside her body: the young mom bleeds constantly, often putting her life in danger.

Her unknown condition causes her to bleed constantly, and it leaves her in chronic pain.

She is mostly immobile because of the pain, and has to use a wheelchair or walking aides to get around.

Meanwhile, she is on a medical regimen that leaves her taking 250 pills a week, along with morphine for the pain.


In the past year, the bleeding has occasionally become so severe and uncontrollable that her life has been on the line.

In just the last 12 months, she has had to receive nine emergency blood transfusions. Chillingly, she has also had to be resuscitated six times within the same timeframe.

She says that she has even reached the point where she has said goodbye to her loved ones in the belief that she wasn’t going to survive.


After beating the odds time and again, Uden is dedicating herself to getting to the bottom of the mysterious condition with help from a hematologist.

Knowing that her condition might shorten her life has also helped her to focus on living her days to the fullest.

As she explained to Daily Mail, “It’s come down to quality, not quantity of my life.”

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