Passerby Springs To Action After Brutal Car Crash Leaves One Driver Trapped In Flaming Car

In the early hours of January 1, 2017, a car stalled on a Los Angeles freeway. A videographer, Austin Raishbrook, was passing by when he noticed the stalled SUV.

Realizing that the SUV had no power and couldn’t turn on its hazard lights, Austin pulled over on the opposite side of the road to try to signal to other drivers. As he sat in his car, trying to warn other drivers of the almost invisible stalled black SUV, he grabbed his camera to film.

It wasn’t long before another car crashed into the SUV, though, causing an enormous fire to erupt. Instead of continuing to film the incident, Austin dropped his camera and ran to the SUV.

He was able to get the driver’s door open, pull him out of his seat, and get him safely onto the ground before explosions rattled the SUV. Another cameraman rushed to Austin’s aid, helping to drag the driver away from the burning vehicle.

Cops who arrived at the scene helped Austin administer first aid to the driver. More explosions erupted in the SUV, so it’s a good thing the driver got out when he did.

Police say the driver suffered “moderate injuries” from the crash and fire, but it could have been much worse without Austin’s fast thinking.

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