Mom 'dies' Right After A C-section, Wakes Up And Forgets Ever Having A Baby In The First Place

Giving birth is never easy, but the majority of mothers come out of the experience with feelings of accomplishment.

This isn’t the case for everyone, though. Here’s a story about Louiser Chapman and how she doesn’t remember anything about giving birth to her daughter.


The 24-year-old mother nearly died when she suffered a serious hemorrhage and lost a liter of blood when she went into labor early.

The labor experience was so horrifying that she and her husband don’t plan on having more children.


“I don’t think we’re going to have any more children,” Chapman said. “The experience with Olivia has put us off having any more — especially for my partner. It’s all been a lot to cope with.”

Chapman went into labor several weeks before her daughter, Olivia, was due, but a premature birth was the least of doctors’ concerns. The young mother’s placenta has detached from her uterine wall, resulting in a lot of blood being lost.


An emergency C-section was performed, but no one expected Chapman’s body to reject common antibiotics and go into anaphylactic shock.

Miraculously, doctors were able to revive Chapman, but the process left her in a 10-day coma.


When Chapman woke up, she was left with short-term memory loss. The most shocking thing? She couldn’t remember ever giving birth to her daughter — Olivia.

The mother had to be reminded she had given birth to her daughter, over and over again.

“I really can’t remember anything about giving birth,” she said. “My partner Oliver and the doctors had to fill me in on everything that happened so everything I know is secondhand.”


“It was so upsetting. It’s so important for new mums to bond with their babies when they’re born, and I couldn’t do it. They wrote down when Olivia was born and how much she weighed, as well as who had come to visit me in case I forgot. It was lovely as when I woke each morning, I got upset as I had forgotten what happened yesterday.”

As Chapman began to recover, Olivia’s condition became worrisome since Olivia had a hole in her heart.


Just eight days after taking her home, Olivia stopped breathing…

Fortunately, Chapman was able to perform CPR, which saved Olivia’s life as the family rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, Olivia was diagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia.


“I didn’t think she would survive, there were times when I just couldn’t think of the positive,” she said.

Things were looking grim for the family, but after six weeks of being in intensive care, Olivia was released from the hospital. Since being released, Olivia is now recovering and developing just like any other child.


“If you met Olivia now you would never know she had been through so much — she’s so happy,” Chapman said.

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