Woman Checks Nanny Cam Footage To See If Sick Dog Is OK, But Sees Creepy Little Girl Instead

Nanny cams: They’re secretive tools meant to keep children safe in their own homes when parents are away. The monitoring devices are commonly used by pet owners as well, as a means of checking up on their furry friends. They may seem foolproof, but some come with a catch. Sandie Kaplanis learned this the hard way.

The Maryland woman is the proud owner of a 14-year-old Labrador named Amber. Unfortunately, Amber suffered from kidney failure and needed an eye kept on her. Although Sandie couldn’t always be home for her beloved pet, she thought she found the second-best thing when her son bought her a surveillance camera for Christmas. She began using the camera, which transferred a feed to her cell phone, to periodically check in on her four-legged friend throughout the day.

Sandie explains in the video posted on June 22, 2016, “I watch her and make sure she’s breathing and make sure she’s OK.”

One day, things took a disturbing turn.

Sandie went to check on Amber using her cell phone, when she was greeted with a startling image.

“I see this little girl and I’m like, ‘What is this?’” she says in the video below. Sandie was staring at a frozen image of a small child, lying in bed.

“So I logged back out and I logged back in and I see my dog,” she continues. “Then I log back in and I see this little girl.” Sandie was determined to figure out what was going on in this peculiar situation and contacted ABC7.

There was no explanation, nor a determination of where the image popped up from, but Sandie still had some words to say about her experience.

“I wanted people to know that there’s a chance if you buy this and you set it up for your little baby, that somebody else could be watching,” she says.

See the shocking image for yourself in the video below!

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Source: littlethings.com