25 Hysterical Examples Of 'kid Logic' That Will Leave You In Stitches

There is nothing funnier than kid-logic. While adults may know the correct answers to life’s most trivial problems, kids tend to take a wittier, more obvious approach to tackling the conundrums. And while these tactics might seem wrong, they are all technically right. Below are some of the best loopholes and problem-solving kid-logic has to offer. Making you crack-up may not have been these kids’ intentions, but that’s all you’ll be able to do when you see these.

The kid who was just trying to be prepared.


Well, I think we would all hate to be on this kid’s bad side!

The kid who breaks all of the fashion rules.


He was told to wear a tie, but no one told him how to wear it!

The kid who is just too good to be a rebel.


So, if you could just work around her schedule to say good-bye forever, that’d be great.

The kid who has marriage all figured out.


It seems like a pretty fool-proof logic!

The kid who is very critical of their mom’s behavior.


Looks like this isn’t mommy’s little secret anymore.

The kid who just can’t wait to eat his pizza.


He does not want any delay to the start of his pizza party.

The kid who gives the best advice.


This kid seriously needs to go back in time and have a chat with President Lincoln.

The kid who has mastered Costco.


He will take one soda and about five straws. Just come back for him when your shopping is done.

The kid who is very literal.


But they are also very right. After all, it was math that got them the answer.

The kid who is the master of disguise.


People have always told him he looks like his mother.

The kid who will not stand for false accusations.


Don’t they know that whoever smelt it, dealt it?

The kid whose parents listen to way too much country music.


Or they party a lot. Either way, this answer was right.

The kid who knows the intricacies of the Declaration of Independence.


I mean, it obviously wasn’t at the top. That wouldn’t make sense!

The kid who really points out the obvious.


Sometimes the right answers are the most obvious!

The kid who has the best wish ever.


Can someone please get this kid a magic lamp ASAP?!

The kid who is a marketing genius.


They know the value of a good product, and you better believe they’re charging for it.

The kid everyone should take dating advice from.


This kid must have a really big family.

The kid who appreciates a good play on words.


This is the perfect comeback for anyone who is caught littering!

The kid who won’t put up with the Tooth Fairy’s nonsense.


She makes a good point. It has been well over a week and she needs the money.

The kid that knows how to get what he wants.


Because who can resist pizza?

The kid who is self-aware.


He knows what he is and he embraces it!

The kid who has a bit of an ego.


Well, I guess that would be one thing that would make them special.

The kid who just wants to get things over with.


He would have written more, but he was REALLY hungry.

The kid whose logic is just too good.


Show them evidence of ghosts and they’ll solve your math problems.

The kid who was told to name the shapes.


Is Tedison a family name?

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