Here's What This Iconic '90s Child Actress Looks Like Today

I don't know about you, but sometimes I'll see the face of a popular actor/actress from the past whom I've totally forgotten about and instantly become curious as to what they've been up to lately. In a world where new movies and TV shows are released daily, it can be easy to forget about certain performers who were once extremely popular at one point in our lives. This can definitely be said about Tina Majorino.

Though you might not recognize her name right away, you'll definitely remember her face.

Tina Majorino made a name for herself as one of the most popular child stars of the '90s.

Starting her career in the 1992 television series Camp Wilder, Marjorino would eventually move over to the big screen. 

In 1994, she starred in three major films.

You probably saw her in When A Man Loves A Woman alongside Meg Ryan, or Corrina, Corrina with Ray Liota. No? What about in Andre alongside Andre the Seal? 

She also appeared in the big-budget blockbuster Waterworld with Kevin Costner in 1995.

But where is she now?

Majorino continued to appear on both film and television throughout the late '90s, but decided to take a break from showbiz in 1999.

She said she needed a break due to exhaustion and feeling burnt out. 

After 1999's TV movie Alice In Wonderland, Majorino would not appear on screen again until 2004.

But you may not have even realized it was her...

That's right, she played Deb in the 2004 cult classic Napoleon Dynamite!

After her return to showbiz, she continued to appear in a variety of different roles.

But what does she look like today?

This is Tina Majorino in 2016.

What a beauty!

In recent years, Majorino has been busy with guest spots on hit shows like Bones, Grey's Anatomy, and True Blood

But that's not all...

She's also kind of a rockstar! 

She's been known to rock out with her brother in their band The AM Project. 

She does it all!

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Main Image via Virtual History