Dad Calls His Son A “Loser” In Ice Cream Store. But A Stranger Quietly Intervenes With An Unforgettable Lesson.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone was publicly mistreating another, and you didn’t know if you should step in or not? That’s the premise of this episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do?”.The social experiment show creates situations with actors to see how onlookers will respond, or not. It usually ends with someone stepping in to do what’s right, like this man who paid for a single mother’s groceries when she couldn’t.

In the episode below, we find two actors– a father and a son–in an ice cream store. The dad is degrading and verbally abusing his “son.” A stranger in a yellow shirt walks in and stands in line behind the two actors. The dad tells the son he won’t buy him ice cream because he’s a “loser.” Eventually, the man in yellow can’t take it anymore, and he approaches the dad and says the most beautiful thing:

“Please… please, buy him an ice cream. We all make mistakes in life…. Life is hard enough…. and they gotta know that I can count on my dad to be my anchor. You’re the most important part in his life. Please buy him an ice cream. I’ll even pay for it.”

It’s a truly beautiful moment to witness. All parents, especially dads out there, need to learn from this man in yellow. He’s got the true perspective on parenting and raising our kids the right way.

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