Doctors Tell Mom She’s 5 Months Pregnant, But She Refuses To Believe Them

Ashlee’s stomach began to protrude and she felt some discomfort. She did some research and became convinced that she wasn’t pregnant, but instead had a fibroid tumor.

However, when she went to the doctor, Ashlee was told she was five months pregnant. After getting a second opinion it turned out she was right, her massive bump was in fact a gigantic fibroid tumor — but to her surprise, she was also pregnant.

Ashlee was five weeks pregnant and carrying a fibroid tumor that was much bigger than her baby boy. The mother’s sense of humor carried her through the difficult time.

The fibroid tumor posed little danger to her son, who would kick the tumor as though it was his personal soccer ball, according to Ashlee. Many people assumed her huge pregnant belly was carrying twins. Ashlee was certainly carrying two things, but not two babies.

She named the tumor Fred. She said it was her baby’s roommate and referred to her due date as Fred’s eviction notice.

When her son was born breech, Ashlee was forced to have a C-section. Six months later, she finally had the tumor — much bigger than her newborn son – removed.

See Ashlee’s unbelievable and funny pregnancy journey in the video below.

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