Teen Films Dad Singing In The Car, But Millions Are Stunned By What She Captures

To ring in the New Year 2017, YouTube user Daylafulla decided to reveal to the world just how talented her doting dad truly is.

While sitting in the car with him, she turned on her cell phone camera and asked him to sing his rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey.” It’s already a beautiful song with gorgeous lyrics… but I certainly did not expect him to sing it like this!

He has such an amazing voice, and it looks like the world agrees. After his teen daughter posted the video to YouTube, it quickly went viral. It now has over six million of views!

Viewers gunning for this talented dad to be on Ellen: “Can’t wait to see him on Ellen getting a lifetime supply of Tennessee Whiskey.”

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him in the near future.

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Source: littlethings.com