Mom Doesn't Know She's Having Twins Until 6 Months Pregnant, Then Notices They Look So Different

In December 1999, Chrissy Bernal of Houston, Texas gave birth to identical twin girls during a “terrifying” C-section.

Chrissy was already six months into her pregnancy when she learned she wasn’t having one baby, but two. Sienna was so tiny in the womb that previous scans completely missed her!

Sienna and Sierra were born premature at 34 weeks. While Sierra looked like a healthy and normal newborn, Chrissy couldn’t help but notice Sienna a.k.a ‘Sinny’ looked particularly strange. With a giant head and translucent skin, Chrissy says Sienna resembled an alien. The pint-sized baby weighed just over a pound, and Chrissy could fit her wedding ring around her entire arm.

Doctors told their mother Chrissy she only had a 10 percent chance of survival. And if she did survive, they said would be a “vegetable.”

Not only did Sienna look noticeably different from her twin sister, but she was also six weeks behind Sierra in development. The bond between them, however, was undeniable from the start.

After 108 days in NICU, Sinny went home to be with her family. Six years later, doctors finally diagnosed her with a disorder that is so rare only a few hundred people in the world have it. Even more stunning is the fact she even has a twin — and that Sierra is average-sized.

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