Grocery Store Responds To Guy Complaining He Can't Use Their Donuts In The Bedroom

The best thing about Twitter is that there's an openness and accessibility to people that just isn't available anywhere else. For example, you could tweet at Wendy's and get mercilessly roasted by them,  or you could hit up Chrissy Teigen and get savagely put in your place by her too.

But because we're talking about the internet here, not every online interaction is about getting ridiculed for being stupid. No, because this is the web, people don't really have much of a filter and feel like they can talk about anything.

Like this dude who tweeted at a popular British supermarket chain about penises and donuts.

Because the donuts he purchased from Morrisons don't have holes in them, he can no longer use them in the bedroom. 

Now this is disgusting. I know it is, but because the guy decided to put a whole bunch of angry faces on it, it transforms would could have easily been just a gross tweet into a gross/funny tweet. And, I beg everyone's pardon here, I think the emojis also make this nasty bit of correspondence oddly charming.

Morrisons must have thought so too, or at least thought enough of @PeeWeeMFC75's tweet to respond.

And thus began a full-fledged online conversation between a supermarket chain's PR-run Twitter account, and a customer...

...about putting penises in donuts.

And things got very revealing.

And Morrisons stayed helpful every step of the way.

An unlikely friendship was then forged.


Cam and Silverfox, forever.