Dog Begging For Food Is Acting Strange, So She Follows Him And Turns On Her Camera [video]

One of the most natural instincts of a new mother is to feed her babies, and in most cases, a mother will do anything to make sure that her babes are fed and protected. This rule applies to both animals and humans and we’ve seen it in action in a variety of instances, but one mama pup has recently become a celebrity and has become known as the best mama of the year.

When a golden mixed pup showed up on a city street on the hunt for food, residents didn’t think that much about it, as stray pups are fairly common. And then, someone had the bright idea to film the pup after she was handed a piece of meat and simply held it in her mouth instead of eating it. Residents were curious about where this pup was going with the food she was given, so they followed her with a camera.

In the video, the pup looks back occasionally at the person holding the camera, with the meat still hanging out of her mouth. But, she presses forward on a mission to get to her destination. After the camera follows her through streets, narrow passageways and destitute areas, the pup finally reaches her destination, and when she does, she looks back at the camera as if she is warning the person to stay back.

And then the moment happens. Just as the mama pup drops the piece of meat on the ground, a bunch of little golden puppies appear from underneath a building and they tackle the piece of meat, as the mama stands guard.

This was one mama who was on a mission to feed her babies. Now that the person holding the camera knows that the pup is on the hunt for food for her babies, he/she will certainly be providing the mama with some daily treats to feed her family. And hopefully every single one of these pups finds a forever home where they have a plentiful supply of kibble and kindness.

Commenters were touched by the mama pups dedication to her babies…

“Certainly pray that “HOPE FOR PAWS” finds these beautiful puppies, rescues them and finds them “forever” homes. God bless.”

“What a wonderful mother, and her puppies are so sweet, I hope they are all rescued soon and find loving homes, praying for this beautiful family!!!!”

And some commenters weren’t so nice…

“Why didn’t the person who is feeding the animals go and call a dog rescue for the puppies and mom for ? Hello that would have been the best thing to do but it doesn’t look like the best place at all and maybe they don’t have dog rescues, and if you call a shelter they may have been killed tool or maybe they just didn’t know who to call.”