4 Teens Knock On Neighbor’s Door Looking For Cash, Then Hear A Terrifying Scream Inside

When the winter weather hits, getting around can be difficult for some folks, especially people with disabilities and of a certain age. Shoveling snow and clearing ice requires energy and a physical capacity.

As such, many teens see an opportunity to make some money. They are full of energy, the desire to help others, and earn some cash.

Four teens in Colorado — Rebecca, Marcello, Cody, and Jerry — knew that a recent snowfall was the perfect opportunity to go from door to door, asking if they could help out their neighbors by clearing out their driveways.

But it was the last door they knocked on that made a real difference in the life of one man, who had spent days on the floor after falling and being unable to get up.

When the teens arrived, they heard terrifying screams inside and quickly jumped to action. Though they felt powerless to help the man, who was clearly in pain and in trouble, they called 911.

Authorities arrived and were able to break into the house, rescuing the man. He was brought to the hospital after spending days on the floor.

Paramedics said they couldn’t diagnose him or treat his injuries. But the teens made a huge difference: Without them, he could have spent even more time in pain.

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Source: littlethings.com