There's A New Girl Scout Cookie So Get Ready To End Your New Year's Diet

Forget "the holiday season," the most wonderful time of the year just started this month: Girl Scout cookie season. 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the first recorded Girl Scout cookie sale — an important national milestone indeed. 

So, how do we celebrate a century of gorging ourselves on Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, and Trefoils (when there was nothing else left)?

This year, we can welcome a magical new addition to the impressive cookie lineup: Girl Scout S'mores. 

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According to the Girl Scouts, as explained in the happiest press release ever:

A century ago, girls started participating in what would evolve into the largest entrepreneurial training program for girls in the world: the Girl Scout Cookie Program®. Through the program, girls learn the essential skills they need to become effective leaders, manage finances, gain self-sufficiency, and develop confidence in handling money. To commemorate this banner year for the organization and celebrate how the cookie program powers amazing experiences for Girl Scouts year-round, the highly anticipated Girl Scout S'mores™ cookies are now available, joining classics like Thin Mints® and Trefoils®/Shortbread.

Leadership skills, financial empowerment, self-sufficiency, and S'MORES. What more could we ask for?

And yes — you're not dreaming — there are TWO KINDS of Girl Scout S'mores. 

...So you can choose your cookie depending on the kind of s'more eater you are. One seems to highlight the marshmallow component, while the other is all about the chocolate coating. 

Or, you know. You could get both. Since that's what you were planning on doing anyway. 

So, if you've already ditched that 2017 diet, you can pre-order the S'mores cookies for $5.50 a box ($1.50 more than a box of the traditional cookies — everything has a price, sorry) by contacting a local Girl Scout member.

To get your hands on the chocolatey, marshmallowy goodness, you need to act fast. 


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"With all of our cookie varieties, girls place an initial order based on their sales goals, and if they start to run low they can reorder more inventories," Amanda Thomas, Girl Scouts of Southeast Michigan director of product program and retail operations, told Click On Detroit. "S’mores is a little different because there is no opportunity to reorder or restock that particular variety after the initial order." 

So, sadly, it's possible that S'mores will be in relatively limited supply at those life-saving Girl Scout cookie booths this year. Preordering is your best bet — so break out your wallets and kiss your New Year's resolutions goodbye.