Storeowner Notices Candy Keeps Going Missing From Inventory, So He Plays Back Security Footage

Over the summer, Paul Kim, owner of Luke’s Grocery in Toronto, Canada, noticed that candy bars were suspiciously missing from his stock. He couldn’t figure out where they had gone, but then he noticed squirrels lingering by the store’s front door.

Paul had seen squirrels come into the store before, but he had no idea they were capable of stealing chocolate bars. The squirrels are conniving little creatures, Paul says, and he always notices them watching him from the front door.

Paul’s daughter Cindy said, “I think we’ve lost up to … 48-ish bars this fall season. That’s an extremely rough estimate, though, because we have no way of knowing when we’ve been robbed — they’re very sneaky.”

In October, they caught a squirrel on camera stealing candy from a low shelf, and then it happened again in November.

The Kim family asked people on Reddit, a social forum, how to stop their squirrel problem. People recommended that they close the door to the store, but unfortunately the store doesn’t have air conditioning so they need to keep the door open during warmer months.

Luckily, now that it’s winter the squirrels have been kept at bay because of the closed door, but the Kims are still looking for more tips on how to deal with the squirrels during the summer.

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