Brothers Sit On Santa's Lap, Have No Idea Their Soldier Mom Has Returned Home To Surprise Them

Imagine being a little kid and going to see Santa. You tell him all of your Christmas wishes with the hope that they’ll be granted. Now, imagine having your wishes come true, and instantly.

For brothers, Tyson and Dominick, just that happened.

The 2-year-old and 4-year-old had not seen their mother in over a year. That’s because their mother, Capt. Dawn McCracken-Bruce, has been in Iraq with the United States Army.


While Skype calls and the occasional video greeting helped ease the pain of being away from her two sons and husband, Scott, it still wasn’t enough. The family longed to be back together. Luckily, the holiday season presented her with the perfect opportunity for a reunion.

With the help of their local mall and her husband, Capt. McCracken-Bruce was able to finally bridge the distance from her boys once and for all.

She contacted the mall to have them set up a surprise for the boys when they would go to visit Santa. Her husband knows what is about to happen, but he is able to keep it cool through his unnerving excitement.

“I’m shaking,” Capt. McCracken-Bruce told reporters as she made her way through the back corridors of the mall. “I’m nervous. I’m excited. I don’t know how they’re going to react.”


The boys look adorably confused when Santa tells them that they have a surprise coming. As Capt. McCracken-Bruce comes around the corner the boys look shocked before registering that that really is their beloved mother in the flesh. You won’t be able to help but cheer when the sweet family gets to embrace after long last.


But that’s not all.


At the other end of the mall, there was a surprise waiting for Capt. McCracken-Bruce. What happens next is sure to have you tear up.

Be sure to watch this video from start to finish. It is truly a touching moment between a wonderfully deserving family.

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[Source:ABC News]