23 Uncircumcised Men Reveal What It's Really Like Being Uncut

The biggest regret I have in my life is getting my son circumcised. Yes, it’s true that the majority of American men have circumcised penises and in pretty much every adult film out there the dudes are rocking snipped foreskins. There’s the belief that circumcised penises are also more sanitary, but newer data reveals that foreskins exist on our bodies for a reason and that it’s better for penises to be kept “intact”.

I caved in an got him snipped because I didn’t want girls being weirded out by his penis when he got older, but seeing how much pain he was in while the doc put him under the knife is something I’ll never forget putting his tiny baby body through.

So now he’s got equipment that looks like his dad’s. But I always wondered what it’s like living with an uncircumcised penis. Thankfully, there were plenty of uncut men willing to share all of the ups and downs of living with an attached foreskin.

Source: distractify.com