Blind Mom Gets An Ultrasound, Is Shocked When Doctors Help Her "see" Baby For Very First Time

The moment that an expectant mother first sees her unborn child is a truly magical experience. Over the years, ultrasound technology has become so advanced that mothers no longer see just a fuzzy blob. They are able to see a 3-D image of their baby, highlighting all of their movements and features.

But what if the mother can’t see at all?


This touching ad made by Huggies Brazil explores that scenario. The touching story of Tatiana Guerra meeting her son for the first time 20-weeks into her pregnancy is more special than most cases. Guerra, 30-years-old, has been blind since she was a teenager.

This video is absolutely going to tug on your heart strings as Guerra talks to her belly, letting her son know how excited she is for him to come into the world.

“I want to show him the ocean,” she says, “for him to feel the sand between his toes, the smell of the salt, the fresh breeze on his face.”

Her description of “seeing” the ocean through all of the senses is so poetic and beautiful. Her words and excitement illustrate everything glorious about being a mother.

As if that’s not enough to get you tearing up, just wait until she goes in for her ultrasound.


Guerra’s doctor describes what her baby looks like to her and from his words she’s able to create an image of what her son is going to look like, or in her case, feel like. I love when she describes his nose as a little potato after hearing that it looks similar to hers.

Completely unaware of the surprise that’s in store, Guerra informs her doctor that if she were able to feel her baby’s face, she would know what he looked like.


The most beautiful part of this commercial is how Huggies captures how grateful and appreciative Guerra is. It’s impossible not to tear up when she is brought a 3-D printout of her son. The part that will really get you though is the Braille message that accompanies the image.


“I’m very happy to meet Murilo,” Guerra says through laughter and happy tears. “Thanks, doctor.”


No amount of words can accurately describe the beauty of motherhood that this video captures. It is well worth a watch it from start to finish.

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