If You Thought Buttered Bread Made The Best Grilled Cheese, You’re Wrong [video]

When it comes to my grilled cheese sandwiches, I like them nice and crispy when I bite into them. Not only that, but I love tasting the fat fried into the bread.

And everyone has their own special way of making grilled cheese, right? You’ve probably picked up your family recipe from your grandma or another person who passed it down over the generations. If so, we’re not trying to tell you that your grandma was wrong about using butter on your grilled cheese sandwiches, but grandma was wrong about using butter on grilled cheese sandwiches.

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So, if you don’t use butter, what should you use? Now bear with me. Your first reaction might be shock, but once you hear this entire recipe, you’ll be converted.

Use mayonnaise, not butter, when you make your grilled cheese sandwich. Here’s why!

While you might think that your grilled cheese sandwich is as delicious as it can be, you can’t say that without trying mayo instead of butter on the sandwich bread.

Still not convinced that mayo is better than butter? Listen to this…

PureWow explains: “Mayo spreads better than butter does (crucial when you’re using a softer bread like brioche) and has a higher smoke point (meaning it won’t burn as easily). Plus, the oil and egg in mayonnaise brown nicely and add a creamy flavor to the crust.”

If you’re ready to throw grandma’s grilled cheese recipe out and try this new way, here’s what you need to do!

Just swap a slather of mayo with a slather of butter and you’re in business.

Ingredients for a grilled cheese with mayo:

-2 slices of bread
-2 slices of cheddar or your favorite cheese
-2 to 3 teaspoons of mayonnaise

After you’ve got your simple ingredients together, put a skillet on the stove and place it on low heat.

Spread an even coat of mayo onto each piece of bread – all the way to the crust.

Place one slice of the bread – mayo side down – and allow the pan to fry it up.

Add the two slices of cheese onto the bread. Then put the other slice on top with the mayo-side facing upward.

Now just cook the sandwich on the skillet for a few minutes until the bottom piece turns a beautiful golden brown. Then with a spatula, flip the sandwich over and grill the other side.

After that you’re done. It’s time to eat your hot grilled cheese sandwich right off the skillet.

Below you’ll find a video recipe for a grilled cheese with ham from Hellmann’s. As the popular video describes, “The Crispy Grilled Cheese Sandwich: one of the most beloved, scrumptious and savory sammies known to mankind. But we’re making IT even TASTIER. We’re making the Hellmann’s Crispy Grilled Ham and Cheese Strangewich! By spreading mayo on the OUTSIDE of the bread, you get a perfectly crisp and unexpectedly delicious result!”

Will you use mayo instead of butter on your grilled cheese?

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