2-year-old Has Autism And Is Non-verbal. Mom Cries When He Falls In Love With Snow White

Walt Disney World is a magical place for children and parents alike. The experience is sure to be memorable for anyone who attends, and this mom happened to capture a truly special moment on video.

She captured the moment her two-year-old son fell in love with Snow White.

You can see it within seconds of the video starting: love is in the air. The adoring gaze he gives the princess is heartwarming and so sweet. Emotional music is transposed onto the video, making the precious moment even more sentimental.

At one point, the little boy’s head cutely falls onto Snow White’s lap, and the princess has the most gracious response. You can see her reaction in the video below.

Do you remember your first love? Do you think the little boy’s face captures the feeling? Let us know in the comments below.

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[Source: Amanda Coley]

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