15 Celebs Who Were Adopted

Every day is a new opportunity to learn about your favorite celebs! You can find out who they're dating, who they're fighting with, how much they're worth and who their famous parents are. And sometimes, celebs can get really personal and talk about how their past and how they grew up. Sometimes, celebs have no problem mentioning that they were adopted. And even use their fame to talk positively about it! So here are all the stars who were adopted!

1. Kristin Davis was adopted by her stepfather when she was three years old. She says she couldn't imagine calling anyone else "Dad."

Awww. That's so sweet!

2. JC Chasez was my favorite NSYNC member! And he was raised by foster parents who eventually adopted him when he was five years old!

3. Jamie Foxx was adopted by his grandma when he was seven months old after his parents split up.

4. Faith Hill was adopted right after she was born and decided to search for her birth family when she started getting famous. She hoped they would reach out to her but she never found them! 

5. Michael Bay, the Transformers director, was adopted as a child. He revealed in an interview that he spent most of his life trying to look for his biological mother. He also never figured out who his real dad is.

Michael likes to joke that Steven Spielberg is his dad because he shares his "creative DNA."

6. Nicole Richie was adopted by Lionel Richie when she was nine years old! Her biological parents toured with Lionel and that's when he noticed that Nicole wasn't being treated right. 

Her parents couldn't care for her so Lionel suggested that he adopt Nicole. Awww!

7. Kristin Chenoweth was adopted when she was only five days old. I wonder who she has to thank for her acting and singing talent!

8. Faith Hill's hubby, Tim McGraw, was also adopted! He was raised by his mom and stepfather who he believed was actually his dad! He was adopted by his stepfather when he was three years old.

Tim didn't find out his stepfather wasn't his biological dad until much later in life!

9. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was born in Chile but when she was six months old, she was adopted by Italian-American parents and was raised in New Jersey! 

Jersey Shore was nothing without Snooki!

10. Before Steve Jobs was creating the greatest invention in the world, the Apple CEO was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs who were unable to have children. 

And now we have the iPhone. 

11. Law & Order: SVU is so much better with Ice T, right?! Well, before he was catching all the bad guys in NYC, he was adopted by his aunts! 

When Ice was eight years old, his mom passed away from a heart attack and four years later, his father died the same way. His aunts quickly knew that they needed to help and adopted him! 

12. Remember when Amy Poehler called Frances McDormand her favorite person? Jealous! Before Frances made it big in Fargo, she was adopted by a Canadian couple.

Her adoptive father was a pastor and Frances thinks that her biological mother was probably a parishioner at his church!

13. Keegan-Michael Key is one of the funniest people in Hollywood! Before he was a comedian, he was adopted and actually found his biological mother when he was 25 years old!

He said it was the best experience of his life and he's so happy he's gotten to know her! 

14. Before Debbie Harry (the frontwoman of Blondie!) was singing about wanting people to call her, she was adopted by a couple who really encouraged her to pursue her singing career. 

They helped her move to NYC where she worked as a waitress, go-go dancer, and Playboy bunny before starting her epic singing career!

15. So... this one's weird. Soon-Yi Previn was adopted by Mia Farrow. Mia and Woody Allen were never married so Woody isn't Soon-Yi's stepfather but Woody helped raise her... and now they're married with two daughters. 

Yup, that's a thing that happened.

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