This Girl May Be The First Female Ever To Travel To All 196 Of The World’s Countries

It would be difficult to find a person who has never had the desire to give up their ordinary life and go traveling around the world. But our planet is just so big that we’re left wondering whether it’s really possible to visit every single country out there.

Well, one life-loving young woman, Cassie DePecol from Connecticut, has proven that it’s possible. We at Bright Side are delighted to be able to share her inspirational story with you.

Cassie’s journey began in July 2015, when she was 25 years old. She’s now 27, and in the space of just 15 months she’s managed to visit 180 countries, traveling 254 times on a plane. But that’s not all. Cassie dreams of becoming the first woman in history to visit all 196 countries of the world. She’s aiming to complete her unprecedented mission in 45 days.

Cassie says that she always wanted to see the world even when she was still in school, and the "crazy dream" developed to visit every country on the map and find out as much as possible about the traditions, history, culture, and religion of the people who lived there. Cassie found little solace in staying in the place she was born and passionately wanted new adventures and experiences.

Of course, this course of action required a lot of money. Overall, Cassie’s globetrotting trip has cost her $198,000, a large amount of which has come from numerous sponsors. With their help, this enterprising young woman made a documentary film about her unique journey. In addition, you can see the luxurious hotels of those who invested in her on her Instagram page. In return for advertising their businesses, she received accommodation.

In Cassie’s words, attracting investors was no easy task as she had to search for funding when she was already traveling.

Cassie has managed to become a global ambassador, and now she’s responsible for meeing students and professors from tourism faculties in various countries of the world. Another program she works on involves gathering water samples to help scientists test the water-holding capacity of microplastics.

For Cassie, it’s important to get out of her comfort zone and delve into the unexplored and fascinating parts of the world. She also wants to prove that a woman can travel the globe on her own. No less important is her ambition to set a new record and prove to everyone out there that even the most ambitious goals are achieveable.

On average, Cassie spent several days in each country. As far as we know, right now she should be in Cuba.

Good luck, Cassie! We’re sure you’ll reach that record soon.

Preview photo credit Cassie DePecol / instagram
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