Country Star Walks Into Bathroom, Then Discovers A Snake Hiding In His Toilet

Can you imagine waking up, stretching next to your bed, then heading to the bathroom to start your day, only to find out you’re not the first one in the bathroom?

That’s probably pretty typical if you live with a lot of people. But have you ever found someone, or something, in your bathroom, that absolutely does not belong there?

Country music star, Brett Eldredge, had exactly that happen one morning recently, and he shared the scary experience online.

It wasn’t a person lurking in his bathroom; it was a snake in his toilet! I think I would honestly rather walk in to see a total stranger.

Brett handled the situation pretty well, grabbing his phone and starting to record. He explained how he was trying to start the day when he made the scary discovery.

In the video, you can see the home intruder just hanging out in his toilet. Apparently, this snake is not afraid of people whatsoever. It just hangs out until they manage to pull him out and keep him at a distance.

If you live in an area that has a huge snake population, you may want to be careful of this. One family lost it when an 8-foot cobra slithered out of their toilet and no one could catch it!

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